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Thank you for your Order! We hope that you will enjoy the Chaos Barometer as much as we have. Chaos Barometer is available for two different charting platforms. They are MultiCharts and NinjaTrader. In order to deliver the proper installation app, we need you to download the files for the platform that you use. Click on the button below to reach the 'Download' page. Find your product and download it. Some products are in zip files, so you will need to find a place to save them and then unzip them. We suggest that you read the guidebook before you install the files.

We welcome any questions that you may have about your order. Just contact us by e-mailing: To keep our support costs low and pass that savings on to you, we ask that you contact us via e-mail first before any other means. Thank you.

Please allow 24 hours for activation. We do our best to respond to your requests right away, but sometimes we cannot get to your order immediately. We use the suggested licensing methods for Chaos Barometer and these require manual activation on our end. We recommend that you use any waiting time to review the guidebooks.

NOTE: You will be asked for a password. Your password is: Download Now 01


Chaos Barometer includes:




  • Chaos Barometer Trend - An indicator that displays the strength of the upper and lower trend.

  • Chaos Barometer Excess – Indicates the strongest trend and quantifies it with a number.

  • Chaos Barometer Signal – A built-in strategy that plots buy and sell signals based on simple inputs. Use the Signal strategy for trading or as a template for your own custom strategies.

Chaos Barometer can be used standalone, with other indicators, or to build systems. All of the functions are accessible and allow you to build any custom trading system or indicator.

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