Beat the Beast: Remdesivir - The New Corona Killer?

An interesting article on COVID-19 treatments by Nell Sloane.

Why Investors Are Hanging So Much Hope on Remdesivir: More than 20 publicly traded companies are working on evaluating drugs that could potentially treat the novel coronavirus disease. Several of those candidates come from well-known names like Bayer and Eli Lilly, but it's Gilead's remdesivir drug that investors are following most closely. Health experts say it's the drug furthest along in clinical studies and results from one of the company's late-stage trials is expected as soon as today. Keep in mind, two separate leaked reports about remdesivir trials over the last couple of weeks seem to have had broad market impacts. The first, showing remdesivir was highly effective in treating Covid-19 patients, came out on April 17, a day the Dow rallied over +700 points. The other, posted on April 23, said the drug didn't show any clinical benefit at all, which traders blamed for quashing a rally and a -5% decline in Gilead's stock. Gilead will also be releasing results from another of its late-stage trials in May which could coincide with results from the U.S National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease's (NIAID) own late-stage study of remdesivir. read more here



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