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Important Info Regarding Night Trading

As detailed by AMP Futures Effective October 12, 2020: CME Overnight limits will expand from +/- 5% price limit to +/- 7% limit plus 3.5% dynamic circuit breaker.  which means…

  • Now 7% (up or down) hard limit < was 5% >

  • Plus a new added 3.5% dynamic circuit breaker

What are Dynamic Circuit Breakers? Dynamic Circuit Breakers  monitor for significant price movements during a trading session. DCBs define an upper and lower limit of how far an instrument is allowed to move in a configured time interval. What happens if a Dynamic Circuit Breaker is triggered? If triggered in the primary contract market (lead month), all associated contract markets immediately transition into a two minute pre-open state. There is no monitoring period. The GCC designates the lead month for the primary contract.  If triggered in a non-primary month, only the triggering contract will reserve. Click here to View the Current Price Limits >> 

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