• Pete

Some Optimism Ahead

I am sure you have heard by now... some states are moving forward cautiously. Since common sense is not a down loadable app. I hope everyone uses their own.

Let's see whats going on!!! At this time even though Crude is $3.00 lower the S&P 500 is 26.00 higher. So now what is going to be in the news.

US Economic Releases


10:30 AM ET Dallas Fed Mfg. Survey

11:00 AM ET Export Inspections

11:30 AM ET 6 Month Bill & 2 Year Note Auctions

01:00 PM ET 3 Month Bill & 5 Year Note Auctions

04:00 PM ET Crop Progress Report

USDA Scheduled Releases and Agency Reports

Monday 27th April

National Agricultural Statistics Service

03:00 PM dairy Products-Ann, Peanut Stocks and Processing

04:00 PM Crop Progress

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