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The CME Group has Another Success Story

Enhanced 3-Year Treasury futures

Over 1,600 contracts traded on day 1

Enhanced 3-Year Treasury Note futures are now live, featuring a reduced tick (1/8), new matching algorithm (FIFO), a more robust deliverable basket, and a renewed focus on liquidity in partnership with top Treasury market makers. Day 1 trading recap:

  • Participants: 40+

  • Volume: 1,610 contracts traded on CME Globex, surpassing Ultra 10's day 1 Globex volume (Ultra 10 grew to 1 million in open interest in just four years)

  • Open interest: 413 contracts (prelim)

  • The order book improved throughout the day, often with substantial quantities resting at the new minimum tick of 1/8 of 1/32

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