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What is Fractal Finance?

Fractal Finance was formed by Quant Trade to investigate, develop, and trade quantitative trading methods. While most of the work focuses on systematic trading, any type of quantitative analysis with a scientific approach is considered. The emphasis is on realistic methods with risk/reward metrics.

What is ROXI?

ROXI is a trading system built on top of the F4 predictor. The system is fairly simple which makes it robust. By making short-term forecasts, ROXI enters into trades, reversing with the market. It always stays in-line with the forecasts, so it is seeking the best entry and exit. Risk management tools maintain control of the risk per trade per day. ROXI is traded for you by our experienced staff.

What is Genesis?

Genesis is a service for our clients. We combine our systems building experience with genetic programming, neural networks, risk management, and rigorous testing. The end result is a trading system with metrics that are selected by you. Other features include tailored indicators that the client provides or unique algorithms from Quant Trade.

How long does it take to get a Genesis system?

Because Genesis is unique to each customer, development time will vary. We provide a streamlined solution with convenient selection criteria. Most people choose this option. However, custom indicators or algorithms will increase the development time. Typically we can deliver a tested system within one month of the initial consultation deposit.

What happens if the system doesn't work?

No one can guarantee that a trading system will be profitable. Market conditions can change and customer metrics may only be profitable for certain periods of time. However, we use our experience to test your custom metrics as rigorously as we can. Before delivery, test reports and system results are reviewed with you to demonstrate profitability. If we cannot produce a profitable system report with the your metrics, new metrics will be suggested. In the event we fail to produce a profitable report, you are only responsible for the initial consulting deposit.

Which trading platforms do I need?

Genesis is available for AmiBroker, MetaTrader 4, MultiCharts, NinjaTrader 7/8, TradeStation, and TradeStation 2000i

Is Fractal Finance a Broker?

Fractal Finance is not a broker. You can use your current broker or find a new one. While we are not brokers ourselves, we do have working relationships with some of the best in the business. Go to the "Free Resources" page of this site to see our recommended brokers.

Is Genesis only for Commodities?

No. Genesis systems can be designed for stocks, commodities, and forex. You will have the option to select your markets when you provide the system metrics. Some markets trade differently than others, so we suggest that you think carefully about the markets to trade. If you are unsure, our team can help you decide in the consultation.

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