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Genesis - System Building Made Easy

Trade With Confidence - "The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Building trading systems has always been a difficult endeavor for most people. Not only is a strategy needed, but so is countless hours of coding, testing, optimizing, etc. We know this as well as anyone and have spent almost two decades building systems for ourselves and our clients. After spending years of tedious work in this area, we decided to find a better way. New breakthroughs in machine intelligence coupled with advances in risk analysis software have made this possible. We call this service, "Genesis." 


Genesis enables you to scope out your system with custom metrics. Not only that, but our team will put the system through rigorous scientific testing before delivery. If at some point in the future you wish to make modifications, the Fractal Finance Team is ready to help. With Genesis, you now have a simple, one-stop system solution.

How it works: Genesis is available for a number of popular trading platforms. We make this an easy solution by providing you with a standard system package. Each system is available with a checklist of convenient options. This includes everything from technical indicators, risk/reward profiles, non-linear analysis tools, and neural nets. Once you select all of the options that you are interested in, a  cost profile will be delivered to you. We request that a deposit be made before work begins and a full payment made upon delivery of the system. Our pricing model takes into consideration all types of budgets. We believe that Fractal Finance provides the first, best, and most affordable service of this kind.  With that in mind, feel free to take a look at the system options listed below. When you are ready to move forward, find an available opening on the calendar. Our team will confirm the start and end dates after scheduling your project.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact our friendly staff.

NOTE: Genesis orders have already been scheduled. We are currently booked up until late July. Our staff will be busy adding features to this page, including convenient scheduling calendars. Please check back regularly or contact us if you are interested in booking a slot. Thank you for your patience.


Trading Platforms: Genesis integrates with a number of popular trading platforms. The platforms that we currently support include:


  • AmiBroker

  • MetaTrader 4

  • MultiCharts

  • NinjaTrader 7/8

  • TradeStation

  • TradeStation 2000i

Don't see your platform? Sign-up for our newsletter and we will let you know when more become available.

System Options: Many system options are available for Genesis. The items listed below are included with our standard system package. You will be provided with a detailed selection process at the time of your order. If you prefer additional features, please contact us. We will give you a time and price quote.

Your Genesis system can be built with the following:

  • A combination of different markets.

  • All of the standard order types.

  • Almost any conventional time frame or bars (Intraday, tick, range, daily, weekly, monthly).

  • A multitude of Risk/Reward settings and other trading parameters.

  • Conventional technical analysis indicators that you select.

  • Custom indicators (This is considered an add-on feature. Separate quotes apply.)

  • Neural Networks.

  • Optimized trade matching.

  • Signals that use multiple data streams simultaneously.

Bonus: Your system includes full access to the code. The code is yours to keep and use as you like. Exceptions apply to proprietary code used by Quant Trade for Fractal Finance indicators and systems.

Before your system is delivered, our staff will stress test the system so that it has the best chances of success that we can provide. A representative will go over the test results with you and walk you through system activation and trading. While no one can guarantee that a trading system will be profitable, our highly experienced team will do everything they can to make that happen. In the event we cannot generate a profitable test report, you will only be responsible for the initial consultation deposit.

Fractal Finance ™ is dedicated to helping you achieve your trading dreams and goals. Your success is our success! Please contact us to schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation.






Common Questions

Q: I am still confused. Can I work with a team to build my own custom trading system?

A: To a limited extent, yes. For instance, imagine that you go to a restaurant and are offered a "weekly special" that includes any five items from the menu. Each item is from a different food section. Once you place your order, the chef prepares your meal as prescribed by the order. The chef is not preparing a custom dish for each item. The meal is only prepared within the framework of the sections listed in the menu. The chef prepares and checks the meals to be sure they are cooked properly. This is the essence of the Genesis service. From this standpoint, you are selecting the given system metrics for each system section in a custom fashion.

Q: How do I select the metrics?

A: After the free initial consultation call, we will walk you through a list of options. You can select the metrics that you like best and we will include them in the system build. Metrics should not be confused with settings. Our team, in conjunction with genetic programming and machine intelligence, will find the best combination of system rules and parameter settings.

Q: How do I know the system will work?

A: Part of the service is a testing stage. Our experienced team will test the system after it is coded and adjust it for optimal performance. You will be able to see the test results before taking delivery of the system. In the unlikely event that you do not want the system, you are only responsible for the deposit, which is $1,000 dollars and paid before the work begins.

Q: I am a single trader, not a trading company. Can I afford this service?

A: We created the Genesis service for the individual trader. This is what makes it so unique. Our team has years of experience working with professional trading firms, so we know what they want. However, these types of custom software applications were normally out of budget for most individual traders. Thanks to new breakthroughs in genetic programming and machine intelligence, we are able to streamline this process and support it at a much lower cost. We only require a $1,000 deposit to begin work and $1,750 upon delivery. Five to ten years ago, this would have cost you at least tens of thousand of dollars. To our knowledge, there is nothing like Genesis in the retail trading community at this time.

Q: Will I have access to the code of the new Genesis system?

A: You will have a lifetime license to your new software and system. You will also have access to the code and may modify it if you choose. The only exception is if we agree to add any of our proprietary algorithms to the system. In such a case, the code is not revealed and will be licensed in a separate arrangement. All details are fully disclosed before you reserve your system with a deposit.

Q: I am interested, but still unsure. How can I learn more?

A: Genesis is a new service and we will be adding information as questions come in. If you are ready to move forward and just want some more details, we suggest scheduling a FREE consultation. We can dedicate up to 30 minutes on each call to answer your questions.




More Questions & Answers are available at the FAQ page.

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