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Trading Services

Fractal Finance has a number of services available for traders. These include the following:

  • Genesis: A custom system development solution based on your specifications.

  • ROXI system service for your futures account.

  • ROXI Managed Topstep account.

  • Self-directed Topstep proprietary account opportunity.


One of the biggest problems that system traders face is designing a profitable trading system. After years of building and testing trading systems, we understand this as much as anyone. Our team came together to solve this problem and Genesis is the result.

Genesis is the culmination of our experience coupled with genetic algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) designed to build trading systems. Genesis options are completely selected by you, including risk/reward parameters, favorite indicators, and markets. Genesis builds and tests your system for you.

ROXI (Robotic Online eXchange Intelligence) navigates the market just like a sailboat through water. By constantly adjusting to trend motion and strength, ROXI acts like a seasoned sailboat racer. Built with our proprietary Fractal Finance F4 algorithm, ROXI is intelligent trading made simple. Try our new ROXI services today!

We teamed up with Topstep to make it possible for you to have a fully funded, proprietary trading account. You will not risk any of your own funds and ROXI will be your automated trading partner. If you prefer to trade yourself, we can provide you with that option as well. Click on the Topstep link below to get more information.

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Self-directed Topstep Account

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