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Don't Just Trade, Become a Trader

Providing discipline and funding for long-term success. Topstep traders have withdrawn over $2 million in 2020.

Do you want to trade your own account, but don't know where to start? No problem! We offer a service that is perfect for you. Our new partnership with Topstep allows you to trade with no risk. Now you can open a fully functional simulated trading account without depositing funds. After you prove that you can trade successfully, Topstep will award you with a funded trading account! If you reach the profit stages on the simulator, you are on your way to becoming a proprietary trader. Once the account gets funded by Topstep, you will be able to withdraw profits. It is really that simple and risk-free.

Another benefit of Topstep is that it interfaces with other trading platforms. This allows you to use Genesis or your favorite system with Topstep. In fact, Topstep works with most of the major platforms out there. If you have one that you like, you can easily connect it. If you prefer, a free platform is also available.


Sign-up for a Topstep account today and save 20% on your first month's maintenance license. Now you are one step closer to achieving your trading goals.Don’t hesitate, time is money. You have almost nothing to lose and a fully funded account to gain.

Click here to get 20% off on your first month.

Because this is a unique concept in the world of futures trading, we regularly get a number of similar questions. For this reason, we decided to summarize some of these questions and answer them here.

  • How long does it take to get funded? Answer: Until you reach the two milestones in the TST account. After milestone 2 in your simulated account, TST will no longer charge you a monthly fee.

  • When will I reach the milestones? Answer: It all depends on you. We recommend using Fractal Finance or the Chaos Barometer to help you along. Another option is to let us trade ROXI for you.

  • Is it worth it to subscribe to TST and ROXI? Answer: We certainly think so. We designed the ROXI Managed service to be good for all parties, including ourselves. This means that for the amount of a few small losing trades in a live account, you have a chance to get a fully funded account with no capital risk on your part. Based on ROXI’s actual trade performance, we consider this a good investment.

  • How are the account milestones evaluated? Answer: TST has established a series of rules based on the starting size of your Trading Combine. These rules are completely disclosed in advance. Simply follow the rules and get funded.

  • Are there any charges? Answer: We do not charge any fees and will never ask for a management fee or for part of your profits. The only charge is from TST which stops once the second milestone is reached.


Feel free to contact us with any other questions that you have. Our friendly staff is here to help.

*NOTE: TopstepTrader and Quant Trade cannot guarantee that you will earn a funded account. All service and license fees are non-refundable

Disclaimer: Trading futures and options involves the risk of loss. You should consider carefully whether futures or options are appropriate to your financial situation. You must review the customer account agreement and risk disclosure prior to establishing an account. Only risk capital should be used when trading futures or options. Investors could lose more than their initial investment. Past results are not necessarily indicative of futures results. The risk of loss in trading futures or options can be substantial, carefully consider the inherent risks of such an investment in light of your financial condition. Information contained, viewed, sent or attached is considered a solicitation for business.

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