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A Reminder From The CME Group

Enhanced 3-Year Treasury futures

Coming July 13, 2020

In response to client demand for a cost-efficient 3-Year Note futures contract and to better serve the evolving needs of today’s treasury market, CME Group will reactivate trading in an enhanced 3-Year Note futures contract on July 13, 2020*.

Is this a new product or a modification to an existing product?

  • 3-Year Note futures were first introduced in 2009 and were traded briefly.

  • In response to client demand, we are reactivating the existing 3-Year contract on July 13, with modified product specifications and renewed liquidity focus (SER).

  • The contract is a continuation with the same codes (Globex: Z3N  BBG: 3Y).

  • Numerous clients have begun successful testing since the 3-Year became live in New Release (test environment) on June 1.

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