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ROXI K.I.S.S. (Keep It "a" Simple System)

Now you can get Fractal Finance, a working ROXI system, and a Topstep Trader account. Best of all, you don’t need to fund the account to trade. Nothing is held back, you get all of the Fractal Finance indicators, the ROXI system, and a chance to be a fully funded prop trader. This is as close to trading for FREE as you are ever going to get.

ROXI is a trading system that we built in-house using the Fractal Finance algorithms. It takes advantage of the higher accuracy of short-term predictions by forecasting the next bar's close on the chart. ROXI buys on higher forecasts and sells on lower forecasts. This results in a trading system that normally performs well in all trading environments. The built-in risk control parameters allow you to build a variety of ROXI systems from the same software. This means that if you are trading a ROXI system in the gold market, a fellow trader may be trading a completely different ROXI system in crude oil. For this reason, we can license ROXI software without diluting the system performance.

Fractal Finance includes a collection of indicators and an open code indicator template. You can trade these indicators independently, or combine them to build a system. Both manual and auto-trading is possible. If you want to augment your existing system with the Fractal Finance predictor and indicators, you can do that too. The Fractal Finance/ROXI combination really opens up many possibilities for all types of traders.

Still need more info? Feel free to flip through our short intro, "What is Fractal Finance." You can also download the PDF version if you prefer.












Are you ready for a ROXI kiss? Here is how it works:

  • Open an account with Topstep Trader and follow their instructions. We suggest starting with the $50,000 dollar account. This will allow you to trade up to five contracts. Topstep Trader will charge $165/mo. until the second trading milestone is met.


Click here to open an account.

Click here to open your Topstep Trader account and get a 20% discount on month one!

  • Subscribe to Fractal Finance with ROXI. This is $89.95/mo.

  • Install Fractal Finance onto your trading platform (MultiCharts or NinjaTrader).

  • Connect your trading platform to your Topstep Trader account. Set-up ROXI. Start trading!


That's all there is to it! Get started today. You have almost nothing to lose and a fully funded trading account to gain.

Remember to keep it a simple system...

*NOTE: Topstep Trader and Quant Trade cannot guarantee that you will earn a funded account. All service and license fees are non-refundable.

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