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News Less Talked About this Morning

Chicago Fed National Activity Index: a monthly index that tracks overall economic activity and inflationary pressures.

Actual Level down 16.74 from a read of minus 4.19 for the month of March. QA double digit reading has never occurred since it data has been collected back to 1967.

FHFA Housing Price Index: Single-family housing, using data provided by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

A rise of merely 0.1% is the worst monthly showing in excess of four years. The good news is that year over year it is still robust at 5.9%

New Home Sales:

Some more unexpected good news is that the month of April saw a rise in new home sales of 623,000 versus the 619,000 in March. It was expected to be between 450,000 to 592,000. The median price did fall to $309,900 from $331,400.

Consumer Confidence:

Well as it seems things may not be so bad after all. Consumer confidence moved higher 86.6 versus then revised 85.7 level in April.

Dallas Fed Manufacturing Survey:

Manufacturing continued to contract in the Lone Star State to -49.2 reflecting a slower rate from a revised -74.0. The production index improved to -28.0 from the dismal -55.6 previously.

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